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An interview with Chelsea DeNoya, Account Executive

Date Posted: September 29, 2022

Chelsea is an Account Executive at Alloy. She joined Alloy as a remote team member in 2021 and recently celebrated her one-year anniversary with the company! Chelsea works from her home in St Augustine, FL, which is commonly known as being “the nation’s oldest city.” Previous to joining Alloy, Chelsea worked for Lumi, a supply chain packaging manufacturing platform, and before that on the consumer goods side of the industry at Parachute Home, a Retail Furniture and Home Furnishings company.

Chelsea DeNoya Alloy
What do you do at Alloy?

As an Account Executive, I meet with our customers to understand how Alloy could help their business, whether that’s someone in Supply Chain, Demand Planning, or on the Sales team, I get to solve pain for anyone working in a consumer goods company that could benefit from better insights into their business.

Why did you join Alloy?

Alloy is a really interesting company. I come from a background of operations and customer service at Parachute Home as a Director of Customer Service and Fulfillment. While there, I ran the customer service experience team and managed the warehouses. I worked closely with planning and product development and that gave me a really interesting view into the world of consumer goods.

I had held various sales positions before that, and I missed sales, but I still liked the mental challenge of operations management and the many complexities of the supply chain. When I moved over to Lumi, my job was to work with DTC CPG startups to streamline their packaging process. Having that ops background, I really relate to Alloy’s customer base and understand how they manage their day-to-day. Most of my job was done in Google Sheets or Excel. I thought Alloy had an interesting position in the market to streamline and save consumer goods companies time, which is essential when you’re working at an enterprise company. Everyone is doing a lot of different jobs, so being able to provide insights in real-time, without relying on a game of telephone reaching out to warehouses or retailers, allows folks to make smarter business decisions.

Everyone was super hands-on with my ramp process, making sure I understood the product, understood our value, and made sure I could speak intelligently to our customers.
What’s the most exciting project you’ve worked on at Alloy?

A few months after I joined, we formed a go-to-market team for Alloy’s new planning solution. It was exciting to be able to craft the messaging around that and test different ways of talking about it. Working with toys and games companies, it was exciting to see how these companies that struggle so much with seasonal planning, can make better decisions using technology on what to order, how much, where to invest in trade marketing and many other areas. Alloy helps them do all of this.

Having the demand portion, with inventory planning on the horizon, is really valuable to our customers. Working with our engineering team and product teams, collaboratively and cross-functionally, was really great. I can go to multiple people and let them know in real time when things should be prioritized or de-prioritized based on feedback from prospects and customers. The agility of our team is really great because we can provide the most value for our customers and give them the solution that they really need.

What first interested you in a career in Sales?

I’ve been in Sales since I was 16 or 17 in various different industries. I’ve worked in retail sales in bridal and cosmetics, and I’ve worked in both residential and commercial real estate. I’m not a salesperson who says “here’s your user seats, go ahead,” I like problem-solving and searching to understand complicated challenges to really help people make a change in a positive way. Any time I can align with an organization that is really providing its users value, and I believe in their software, is really rewarding. Even though I’m focused on the Toys and Games space, I do Baby and Pet as well, so I get to hear about a lot of companies and it’s interesting to peek behind the curtain. Every day is interesting.

How would you describe the culture at Alloy?

I think the culture at Alloy is very transparent and open. I’m a very straightforward and blunt communicator and we always have each other’s backs, we think about things differently. Everyone was super hands-on with my ramp process, making sure I understood the product, understood our value, and made sure I could speak intelligently to our customers. Alloy really values their sales team and everyone puts in the time to have good working relationships even though the sales team is fully remote.

What do you like to do outside of the “office”?

I am a mom, so I spend a lot of time at the park and the beach with my son since I live in Florida. I love to cook and I love to watch real housewives and Top Chef! I love to garden too, and now that I’ve moved into my new house, I started getting back into fruit and vegetable gardening this summer. I do a lot of lettuce and peppers and other things to make delicious food!

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