The Connected Planning & Execution Platform for consumer brands

Introducing the first Connected Planning & Execution Platform purpose-built for consumer goods brands. Now you can easily connect data from all of your retailers, distributors, 3PLs and ERP on a single intuitive platform — for better and faster supply chain and planning decisions.

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Why you need to connect your planning and execution

Most consumer goods companies aren’t ready for the era of the empowered consumer.

Today’s consumers demand more choice and have higher expectations for the goods they purchase. The companies who can best respond to consumer demand — in real-time — will be the ones who win in this new era.

And yet, most companies don’t have the technology to adequately plan for and respond to changes in demand and supply disruptions, leading them to lose market share to more agile, digitally savvy competitors that can.

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How Alloy helps consumer brands

Alloy connects all of your data — retail, ecommerce and supply chain — in real-time to power your analysis and planning.

It’s as easy as Connect, Plan, Execute with Alloy

  • Connect

    Alloy Data Platform: A unified architecture that integrates, harmonizes and enriches data from your partners and internal systems. Learn more

  • Plan

    Alloy Planning: The first truly POS-driven forecasting and planning solution for consumer goods companies. Learn more

  • Execute

    Alloy Intelligence: Make data-driven execution decisions based on real-time demand and inventory changes. Learn more

Plan with real-time data. Execute with confidence.

Connecting planning and analysis-driven execution on one platform makes both better.

connected planning & execution data platform

Benefits of connected planning and execution

  • Reduce guesswork

    Stop operating your business in the dark. By incorporating real-time consumer demand signals and up-to-date inventory status, you can make better-informed decisions faster. And predictive forecasting capabilities let you get ahead of potential issues before they cost your business.

  • Collaborate seamlessly

    Break down the silos between your data and your teams. Build trust by aligning inventory planning, demand planning, sales, marketing, finance and operations teams around a single source of information, on a single intuitive platform.

  • Take action on what matters

    Your plan will always diverge from your reality — the question is by how much? Alloy lets brands identify and resolve the exceptions that will make the biggest impact so they can focus attention and take on action on what matters most.

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