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In today’s volatile market, consumer brands need to quickly respond to issues with supply and spikes in demand. Alloy’s Connected Planning & Execution platform brings your POS, inventory and supply chain data together in one place — you sense issues and opportunities immediately, respond quickly and predict what will happen next.

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Waiting for consumer demand to become more predictable?

You’ll be waiting a while.
Leading consumer brands trust Alloy to sense, respond and predict what’s coming next — so they can grow sales and avoid supply chain disruptions.

Benefits of Alloy:

  • Sense and adjust quickly to market and supply chain changes

    Alloy gives brands an early warning system when their demand and supply are out of whack. With full visibility into daily demand and inventory positions — and predictive simulations on what to expect in the near future — brands can reduce stockouts and excess inventory costs.

  • Purpose-built for consumer goods brands

    Alloy was built with your business in mind. Our platform has 350+ pre-built connectors to automatically pull and harmonize data from all of your retailers, ecommerce partners, channel inventory and ERP. Get instant access to pre-built metrics consumer brands need like lost sales, phantom inventory, regional analysis, and more.

  • Full visibility for every team member — all in one place

    Get immediate and complete visibility into demand and inventory across every team and level of the organization. C-Level executives and analysts alike can easily pull up the latest data and quickly find insights, leading to better collaboration internally and with retail partners.

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How the Alloy platform works

Our Connected Planning and Execution platform connects all of your data — retail, ecommerce and supply chain — in real-time to power your analysis and planning.

More than just another analytics platform:

  • Alloy Data Platform

    Automate the work for continuously pulling and harmonizing data from your retailers, ecommerce partners, and internal systems — saving you hours and making sure you’re always working from the latest data. Learn more

  • Alloy Intelligence

    Find twice the insights in half the time. Easily sense changes in consumer demand, so you can take immediate action, reducing stockouts, excess inventory and supply chain problems across your network. Learn more

  • Alloy Planning

    The first POS-driven forecasting and planning solution for consumer goods companies, Build short-term predictive forecasts using real-time data, so you're always ready to adapt to shifting market conditions. Learn more

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