How does Alloy Planning stack up to the competition?

Fully supported, integrated within application
Partial support and heavy manual effort required
Not supported
Spreadsheet-based solutions
Traditional planning solutions
Alloy Planning
Core Planning Functionality
Automatic, POS-driven demand forecasts and plans
Near-term and long-term inventory plans
Linked demand-inventory plans
Continuous planning with up-to-date sell-in and sell-through data
Weekly order recommendations, optimized for supply targets, minimum order quantities, and lead times
Plan Management
New Product Introduction (NPI) and Product End of Life (EOL) planning
Promotion and events planning
Annual operating plan and internal forecast comparison
Visibility into granular demand data
Easy plan overrides that automatically update connected data flows
Out-of-the box forecast models
Default planning hierarchy selection
Customizable forecast model selection down to a partner SKU
Pre-built connectors to hundreds of retailers
Sense and adjust quickly to market and supply chain changes
Build trust by aligning teams on a single source of information
Maximize planner impact by freeing time from manual, low-value tasks
Cross-functional alignment and consensus on plans
Complete visibility to up-to-date information
View and analyze plans at any level of granularity
Automatically export plans
Automated data collection (supported sources)
Retailer portals
DTC channels (E-commerce and brick & mortar)
EDI 852 (Product Activity Report) and EDI 846 (Inventory Report)
EDI 856 (Shipment Notification) and EDI 860 (PO Change)
Historical data files
ERP (master data, orders, shipments, inventory, forecast, plans, network map)
Data harmonization
Product master management customized to reflect your hierarchy
Product ID matching across internal and retailer codes
Cross-retailer POS and inventory analytics
Flexibly model different time granularities and fiscal calendars
Comprehensive network mapping, including location coding, shipment lanes, lead times and more
Connected planning and execution experience
Unlimited user seats included
Single source of truth for sales, marketing, supply chain operations and planning
Included Client Solutions support and training
Innovative product roadmap with continuous upgrades