Modern tech for
modern business

Big data and machine learning, purpose-built for companies that make and move physical goods

An end-to-end supply and demand visibility platform

Alloy's technology—built by world-class engineers and data scientists—does all of the heavy lifting for you.

  • Alloy automatically pulls data from you and your partners in whatever form it's available, whether through EDI, portals, spreadsheets, or email reports.
  • Your data is unified in our cloud-based integration platform.
  • Alloy's data model connects the dots between inventory, shipments, forecasts, and actual demand across locations.
  • We design industry-specific models that "speak the language" of each retailer, supplier, 3PL, and trading partner in your ecosystem.
We had difficulty pulling all our data together until we saw Alloy—it is the best glimpse I've had of what the future looks like.
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