Work smarter.
Respond faster.

Make the products that customers want, move the right products at the right time, and sell more.

Without Alloy With Alloy
You feel like your company moves too slowly.
Unexpected bottlenecks and market shifts make you feel like you’re always playing catchup. When you look to your data for answers, you either can’t find them or it takes too long.
You detect and respond to opportunities and threats in real time.
Keep your fingers directly on the pulse of the supply and demand signals, so you can capitalize on spikes in demand and avoid bottlenecks.
Your products drop into black holes.
You lose sight of inventory—and insights—after it leaves your warehouse.
You have a holistic view of product and inventory.
Look across all of your channels to see what’s selling, where it’s selling, and how fast it’s selling.
You struggle to influence your partners.
You fulfill orders, but you don’t feel like you contribute to your partners’ strategies for your products as much as you could.
You’re proactive and collaborative.
You use data to show your channel partners how much product they need, where, and when they need it.
You take a scattershot approach to sales, marketing, and research.
You know that you’re working hard, but you don’t know where you should be aiming or what’s hitting the target.
You focus on opportunity with laser precision.
Focus sales, marketing, and research efforts where they yield the greatest ROI. You can measure performance in rich detail, all the way down to the individual SKU and store.
You have a lot of data, but you struggle to make sense of it.
When you look to your data for answers, you either can’t find them or it takes too long.
You detect actionable insights quickly and easily.
With a holistic view of inventory and performance across all of your channels, you can see what’s selling, where it’s selling, and how fast it’s selling.
Only a few people know how to use your analytic tools.
An under-resourced team of analysts work to make sense of the data for others.
Your whole company embraces data-driven innovation.
Alloy’s easy-to-use software puts data in the hands of the people making the decisions, so your analysts can focus on more interesting problems.

Single source of truth across every team.

Alloy brings together the best parts of a cloud-based demand signal repository and a modern, user-friendly business intelligence (BI) tool. With Alloy, everyone at your organization can make data-informed decisions. Whether you’re a tech-savvy analyst or a busy executive who lives out of your inbox, Alloy will help you ask and answer important questions like these:


  • How are we tracking toward our sales targets?
  • How are different products, categories, and locations contributing to sales?
  • Which retailers should be buying more product? Or different assortments?
  • Which products are turning faster than expected?
  • Which products aren’t moving? Can we spot them and avoid returns?
  • How can we improve our distribution strategy?


  • How and where are customers purchasing products today?
  • How should we think about segmenting our stores, customers, and products?
  • How are our promotions performing?
  • Where are our best opportunities to move product? To promote new products?

Ops & Supply Chain

  • Where is our inventory?
  • Where does our inventory need to be to meet demand and service agreements?
  • Where are our bright spots, our high-performing partners?
  • How can we better manage our risk and avoid bottlenecks?
  • Where are our overstock and out-of-stock risks?
  • Can store-level inventory and sales data improve our forecasts?

Product Development & Category Management

  • What are customers’ product preferences and purchasing patterns?
  • What are the early demand signals for our new products?
  • To what extent are new products cannibalizing sales of our existing products?
  • Where should we add or remove products from our merchandise assortment?

We understand that each industry has its own unique needs and constraints.

Perhaps you’re a fashion brand or retailer that needs to differentiate performance between core and seasonal styles. Perhaps you’re in the automotive industry and need to track a massive number of SKUs across many different channels. Whatever your needs, Alloy provides a turnkey solution that your team can use to start generating value immediately.

  • Apparel, Fashion, and Footwear

  • Automotive

  • Health & Beauty

  • Housewares & Home Furnishings

  • CPG

  • Home Improvement

  • Office Supplies

  • Sporting Goods

  • Consumer Electronics

  • Food & Beverage

Alloy transformed the way we operate our business, allowing us to react far more quickly and keep leaner inventory levels.
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