Alloy Planning

Generate accurate demand forecasts in Alloy

Volatile market conditions and irregular consumer behavior have significantly increased the importance of a reliable and effective planning process for consumer goods companies. With Alloy Planning you can easily:

  • Sense and adjust quickly to market and supply chain changes
  • Build trust by aligning teams on a single source of information
  • Maximize planner impact by freeing teams from manual, low-value tasks

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Data Sheet

Alloy Experiments feature details

Alloy Experiments makes it easy to measure every single marketing activity in real-time, so you can continually cut bad investments and double down on what’s...

Customer Stories

Testing in-store fixtures saves further investment

This toy brand used Alloy Intelligence's test & learn capability to identify that their in-store displays did not generate their desired ROI.


Using Test and Learn to optimize marketing amid day-to-day change

Best practices for conducting cohort analysis to evaluate the ROI of new and historical marketing and sales events

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