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Alloy.ai is connecting data and teams to make products available where and when they are most needed

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At Alloy.ai, we work with consumer goods companies that make the products we eat, wear, and use every day, as well as the ones we occasionally splurge on. We’re tackling a real and complex problem for them—managing supply and demand in the face of constantly changing customer behavior, highly complex supply chain networks, 40-year-old data standards and labor-intensive manual processes.

Our team is passionate about aligning supply and increasingly unpredictable demand by freeing manufacturers from functional silos, backwards-looking reporting and rigid supply chain processes, so we’ve built the first Demand and Inventory Control Tower purpose-built for consumer goods brands. Alloy.ai is connecting brands’ sell-through data from retail and ecommerce with their internal inventory and supply chain data, so they can plan better and execute those plans faster.



Leadership team

Joel Beal
CEO and Co-Founder

Logan Ensign
Chief Customer Officer

Corrie Keegan
VP of Operations

Stephanie Howard
Director of Client Solutions

Lasse Holmstedt

Lasse Holmstedt
VP of Engineering

Franklin Morris
Head of Marketing



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  • 8VC




Alloy.ai is headquartered in San Francisco, California, with global offices in Vancouver, Canada and Berlin, Germany. You can also reach us via email at inquiries@alloy.ai.

  • United States (Headquarters)
    548 Market St
    PMB 87951
    San Francisco, CA 94104-5401
  • Canada
    900-1080 Howe St
    Vancouver, BC V6Z 2T1
  • Europe
    Gontardstraße 11
    10178 Berlin, Germany