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A comprehensive view of your business — from the warehouse to the shelf

By bringing POS data and internal supply chain data together in an easy-to-use platform, you get near real-time visibility into the health of your business and shifts in consumer demand.

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4 ways Alloy.ai is helping Consumer Brand Executive teams

No more waiting while your Sales and Supply Chain teams pull, clean and manually analyze data. Alloy.ai automates this work and gives you an immediate view of critical business metrics.

With a single click in Alloy.ai you get access to the dashboards you need to run your business — lost retail sales, POS sales trends, performance vs plan and more. If you want to drill-down further you can choose from more than 350 consumer goods-specific metrics ready for cross-retailer analysis

Align your Sales and Supply Chain team around a single source of truth. Then arm them with the tools they need to quickly sense problems and opportunity and respond immediately.

By combining POS sell-through data across all of your retail and ecommerce channels, you get the most accurate possible view into consumer demand. Get alerted the moment demand begins to shift so you can take action right away.

Before Alloy.ai
After Alloy.ai
"We use Alloy.ai to really drill down in the data. If you have a retailer that's underperforming expectations. When you peel back the onion and you look at sales by store, you can identify issues in different regions, like inventory shortages. A lot of retailers aren't great at identifying those issues for you."
CJ Prober, CEO | Tile
"Alloy.ai has enabled conversations with major global retailers — whether it be Target or Walmart. They are now in partnership with our operations and supply chain team. They now have visibility much sooner than what it shows in their system [...] We're talking to retail partners and saying, ‘Here's the trends that we're seeing. Here's what you chase. Here's you don't chase.’ It unlocks a different type of partnership."
David Henderson, Chief Commercial Officer | Melissa & Doug

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