Lost Retail Sales

Quickly understand where you’re losing retail sales

Lost Retail Sales workflow in Alloy.ai

Gain a holistic understanding of lost sales across your entire omni-channel supply chain and compare performance across retailers and time horizons to answer complex questions and make SSO recommendations to buyers.

Isolate exactly where lost sales stem from and explore recent low stock issues and upcoming out-of-stocks (OOS) at retail to take near-term corrective action to meet demand and prevent lost revenue.

Set up alerts that proactively show you when WoS for specific SKU / location combinations are predicted to be low based on open orders and in-channel inventory so you can start taking action before sales are at risk.

Deep dive into an industry best-practice guided workflow to discover areas where you’re missing out on retail sales and begin addressing root causes.

Questions you can answer with the Lost Sales workflow
Global Consumer Electronics Brand

Key insights on lost sales

A consumer electronics company improved On-Shelf Availability (OSA) by an average of 1.35% year-over-year, roughly $8.3M/yr at dealer cost.

Purpose-built for consumer goods brands

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