Inventory Visibility

Identify upcoming inventory shortages or excess supply with advanced simulations

Inventory Visibility
Inventory Visibility in
Inventory Visibility

Monitor inventory levels and trends with real-time visibility across your network and your retailers’ and distributors’ networks.

Start with a network-wide view of your inventory and drill down to specific locations to get increased data granularity to diagnose issues.

Improve order and shipment plans with a clearer understanding of in-channel inventory.

Ensure you prioritize sending product to the customers that need it most to avoid lost sales and maintain retailer relationships.

Understand where to direct your time so you can focus on what matters immediately.

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Transforming customer relationships with a proactive supply chain

“I now have visibility to three layers of the supply chain instantaneously, coming in every morning. I can be very, very proactive and prepared further up my supply chain.”

Eric Rossi, Sr. Director of Supply Chain
Purpose-built for consumer goods brands

Inventory visibility at your fingertips

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