A rapid-response ecosystem for consumer goods brands

When market and supply chain disruptions are nearly constant, consumer products companies need granular, near-real time POS and inventory data fueling every part of their operations. 

Our partnership philosophy
Open. Alloy.ai is an open platform that aims to democratize data. We are committed to building an ecosystem of complementary partnerships to help consumer products companies benefit from the full potential of Alloy.ai data across their business systems, while providing partners with a competitive edge to enhance their technology and services offerings with the highest-quality demand and inventory data. 

Agnostic. In support of enabling our customers to benefit from Alloy.ai data across their multi-varied technology stacks, we take an agnostic partnership approach with any company who is also focused on serving the consumer products industry.

Technology Partners ​

Supercharge your solutions with Alloy.ai data

Feeding granular, near-real time Alloy.ai data into supply chain planning solutions super charges demand sensing algorithms for more accurate short-term planning and higher-fidelity allocation recommendations.  Bringing plans back into Alloy.ai for daily comparisons against POS sales and channel inventory positions surfaces critical issues in a timely manner, enabling an agile response.  

Connecting Alloy.ai data with Retail Execution and TPM systems brings enhanced, timely intelligence for sales managers to more effectively manage their field teams, for field reps to know where to focus during store visits for maximum business impact, and for marketing teams to maximize the ROI of trade promotion plans. 

Alloy.ai’s sweet spot is in harmonizing and deriving insights from granular, near real-time POS and inventory data up through the finished goods supply chain. Bringing together Alloy.ai data with additional market and internal data housed in central data lakes/warehouses provides consumer product companies with a complete picture for every part of their business.

Referral & Reseller Partners ​

Earn additional revenue from your consumer products customer base

Alloy.ai is committed to building an ecosystem of value added partners to service the complex needs of the consumer products industry. Companies that are delivering services to consumer products brands can extend their business by joining Alloy.ai as a referral or reseller partner. 

System Integrators & Consulting ​

Boost digital transformation efforts with high-fidelity demand & inventory data

The dynamic nature of today’s consumer goods industry creates a mandate for digital transformation. Any consumer goods brand that is not regularly incorporating daily, SKU-store level POS and inventory data in its decision-making processes cannot effectively plan and execute its business. Contact us to learn how Alloy.ai can enhance your digital transformation offerings with additional implementation and strategy projects. 

SIs & Consulting companies have an opportunity to help consumer brands take full advantage of Alloy.ai data in other systems with additional implementation work—fine tuning planning systems’ demand sensing forecasts to incorporate Alloy.ai data for more accurate demand planning on a continuous basis; integrating Alloy.ai data into cloud data platforms, other BI tools and sales systems; connecting Alloy.ai data with Retail Execution and TPM systems to bring enhanced intelligence to field activities.

With Alloy.ai, SIs & Consulting companies can design digital supply chain and overall business transformation strategy work centered on enabling consumer goods brands to leverage granular harmonized data about changes to inventory and consumer demand. 

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