Turn your sales and inventory data into revenue

Connect data from retailers, eCommerce, distributors, supply chain partners and your ERP  to grow your sales and boost supply chain performance.

Purpose-built for consumer goods brands

+ hundreds more

Connect to 100s of data sources

Retailers, distributors, supply chain partners — as a consumer brand you must connect to dozens of partners to get a complete picture of your business. Each one is different.

Alloy.ai makes it easy to connect to these data sources so you can predict opportunities and respond instantly.

More sales.
Fewer inventory headaches.

Alloy.ai is an omnichannel revenue intelligence platform for consumer brands — letting you power your sales, supply chain and forecasting with full visibility into consumer demand and inventory.

Alloy.ai product image showing sales and inventory trends.

Transform data from hundreds of sources into a normalized view of your business

Alloy.ai platform connects real-time POS and inventory data from hundreds of retailers with supply chain visibility giving you a single view of sales and inventory. Then you can easily integrate that data into your data warehouse, planning solution, BI application and more. Here's how it works:

Bring your brand into the era of AI


Alloy.ai gives consumer brands practical ways to use machine learning, predictive analytics and generative AI to make better decisions.

  • Extract insights from complex data: Alloy.ai automatically surfaces the most critical sales and inventory insights using AI.
  • Simulate future scenarios: Our predictive simulations let you understand where you’re at risk of retail out-of-stocks, excess inventory, OTIF fines and more.
  • Power more accurate forecasts: Produce more accurate POS forecasts with advanced machine learning algorithms.

How consumer brands use Alloy.ai


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