Artificial Intelligence

AI with real ROI for consumer goods brands gives CPGs the power AI — machine learning, predictive analytics and generative AI — to quickly surface sales and inventory insights, alert you to supply and demand anomalies, power your POS forecasts, replenishment and more.

Bring your brand into the era of AI

  • Predictive simulations and analytics – Forward-looking simulations are used to predict out-of-stocks, phantom inventory, warehouse stockout risks and more.
  • Machine learning – ML powers our POS forecasts which let users predict future sales and derive other forward-looking metrics.
  • Generative AI – Retail replenishment recommendations are powered by LLM (large language model) technology, automating the time-consuming work of making the case for additional replenishment.

How consumer brands use our AI features automates the work of giving you a clean, normalized data set by integrating your retail POS, ecommerce, distributor, supply chain and ERP data. Then lets you leverage cutting-edge tech like machine learning, AI and predictive analytics — all without having to be a computer scientist.

Connect, pull and normalize data

Your AI will only be as accurate as your data. automates the work getting your data AI-ready — pulling, cleaning and normalizing data from your retail, ecommerce, distributors and your ERP.
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Detect and surface problems

Our advanced algorithms automatically detect and alert you to unusual events that deserve further investigation (such as unit sales deviations etc.)
Product Overview

Extract insights from complex data with AI automatically surfaces the most critical sales and inventory insights — removing the need to sift through data — and then prioritizes those with the biggest financial impact.
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Power your forecasts with ML

Get ML-powered POS forecasts based on high-frequency, granular demand and channel inventory data, as well as seasonality and historical trends. POS forecasts can be exported to planning systems to form the baseline for demand plans.

Simulate future scenarios

Our AI-powered predictive simulations let you understand where you're at risk of retail out-of-stocks, excess retail inventory, warehouse stockouts, OTIF fines and more, so you can take immediate action.
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Automate replenishment recommendations

Spot and fix low in-stock rates with AI-powered order recommendations. Automatically generate emails and dashboards to share with retail replenishment managers.
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The AI solution for leading brands that sell through retail

Across every category, leading consumer goods brands of all sizes trust to connect and analyze the data they need to make critical sales, forecasting and supply chain decisions every day.

Logos from key Alloy customers: Melissa & Doug, Central Garden & Pet, Bic, Crayola and more.

AI-Powered metrics for consumer brands is more than a simple reporting platform. We give you forward-looking predictions based on advanced simulations. Predict out-of-stocks and excess inventory, accurately forecast unit sales, identify high-cost inventory risks, phantom inventory and more.

Stop hunting through spreadsheets

Our advanced algorithms automatically identify and surface the most critical week-over-week changes to your business, so you can always understand what’s happening and why.

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Understand the potential & pitfalls of AI in the consumer goods industry

Lasse Holmstedt, VP of Engineering at, joins the Shelf Life Podcast to discuss how consumer goods brands can get started with technologies like generative AI, machine learning and predictive analytics. in the News

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