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Get ahead of inventory risks and disruptions with end-to-end visibility into your finished goods supply chain

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4 ways is helping Supply Chain teams

Know precisely how much inventory you have, where it is in your retailers’ network and your own, and how it is performing across your supply chain.

Because demand can shift overnight, get a near-term forecast (two to six weeks) based on daily store-SKU level data — so you can make quick decisions about inventory allocation and order adjustments.

Proactively manage by exception to avoid out-of-stocks, excess retail inventory and OTIF fines.

Combine sell-in, sell-through and ERP data, so every team is working from the same near real-time information. Easily feed all data directly into your planning solution.

"Historically I would have had to go in, look at the store and DC-level, tie everything together, figure out what's in transit — made that a 30-second exercise."
Allson Jones, Vice President of Operations | Billie
“I brought in because I need to be able to understand where I am hurting across the supply chain in real time.”
Eric Rossi, Sr. Director of Supply Chain North America | Valvoline
Stay ahead of supply chain disruptions and shifts in consumer demand

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