Excess Retail Inventory

Get automated visibility to your retail overstocks

Excess Retail Inventory workflow in Alloy.ai

Get a view of weeks of supply (WOS) by product, partner and specific order which may be worth investigating due to high weeks of stock or high units on order.

Find areas of opportunity to improve service and keep inventory levels balanced without the need to comb through demand and inventory data that is in line with expectations.

Take action – faster – to reduce spoilages, markdowns, returns and other costs associated with excess retail inventory that eat into your profit margins.

Deep dive into an industry best-practice guided workflow to discover areas where product is building up and begin addressing root causes.

Questions you can answer with the Excess Retail Inventory workflow

Avoid waste by advising retailers against overordering

With visibility to WoS provided by Alloy.ai, Ferrero worked to reduce orders and cut overstocks by ~80%, saving $15.9M per year.

Purpose-built for consumer goods brands

Reduce your excess
retail inventory

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