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Data integration made easy:
Bring POS data into your favorite applications and solutions ingests point-of-sale data from your retail and ecommerce partners, then lets you easily integrate normalized, real-time sales and inventory data — by location, by store, by SKU — into your data warehouse or data lake, BI tool, planning solution and more.

Your data, where you want it an open platform, letting you automatically integrate data from retailer portals, ecommerce sites, supply chain partners and even your ERP into the leading BI, planning applications, ELT/ETLs and databases you already use.
Diagram of alloy integrations from retailers, ecommerce, distributors and ERP and into data warehouses and business intelligence applications.

Normalized, real-time sales and inventory data

  • Maps supply chain networks — Locations, shipment lanes, lead times + more
  • Translates across how partners describe products — Product IDs, pack sizes, units of measure (lbs, kg, etc) + more
  • Translates across how partners divide time — Fiscal calendars, starts of week, units of measure (week, day, etc) + more
  • Combines data from POS and your ERP — Accurate and actionable inventory recommendations

The data integration solution for leading consumer brands

Across every category, leading consumer brands of all sizes trust to connect to the data they need to make critical sales, forecasting and supply chain decisions every day

Logos from key Alloy customers: Melissa & Doug, Central Garden & Pet, Bic, Crayola and more.
Xavier Duprat
Xavier Duprat
VP of Supply Chain @ Cascades
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"Seeing our first iteration of data in the platform in just 2 days is quite impressive."
Dave Henderson
Dave Henderson
Chief Commercial Officer @ Melissa & Doug
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" gives us a complete global view of our business, across all accounts and all regions. It allows every person in the company to access the data and utilize it to drive our business. It has allowed us to build trust with our retailers because it's their data."
Matt Bergum
Matt Bergum
Country Business Director @ Bosch
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"Every customer will send their data in a different way, whether it's a flat file or EDI ... it's a mess. We have 400,000 employees and we tried to figure out how to consolidate it. It was virtually impossible has helped us consolidate that data in the same format, at the same time. Instead of spending all of that time trying to put all the data in one place and format it and clean it up, now our team, the same number of people, can spend that time looking at the data and gaining actionable insights and things that we can actually do."

Enterprise scale data integrations — minus the enterprise complexity

IT’s favorite data platform
Hundreds of pre-built integrations mean you can connect to all of your partners data feeds, without any hassle for IT.

Data in days, value in weeks’s time value is unmatched. Forget “enterprise” deployments that take months or years to implement. With you’ll be up and running in days.

Built for scale scales with your business, whether you sell a 100 SKUs in e-commerce, or 100k+ unique SKUs across 100k+ of global locations.

Your data security is our top priority

The team never sleeps. We’ve got on-call coverage and a global team to make sure your data stays secure.

Google Cloud Platform provides
unparalleled security infrastructure for the cloud, from physical to operating systems. is native to GCP and leverages the platform end to end to achieve both scale and security that meets the most demanding enterprise needs.

SOC2 is a third-party evaluation on security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy. Alloy is SOC2 audited, with more information available upon request.

All data is always encrypted at rest, using industry standard encryption. never shares your data with third parties.

All data is always encrypted in transit, using industry standard encryption. Data is only transmitted from destinations that you approve, and to destinations that you set up.

Permissions, user groups, data access policies, SSO and MFA – you have the full power of enterprise-grade security out of the box with prioritizes data protection, control and compliance with GDPR and CCPA.

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Get full, real-time visibility into sales and inventory. (Finally!)