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Half of your promotions budget is wasted. Understand which half — in real time.

Promotion Performance in chart showing the lift of the performance.
Promotion Performance for Consumer Brands in

Because automatically connects to your retail partners and brings in up-to-date sales data (at the store/ location / SKU level), sales and marketing teams in can begin tracking the performance of the promotions on day one — and continue to analyze performance in real-time. At a glance, a user can see detailed promotional sales, split by channels, products and region, or rolled up in total. The sales lift is automatically calculated, alongside promotional costs. This lets you understand ROI to double down on what’s working and quickly pull the plug on promotions that are underperforming. promotion performance dashboard showing inventory levels during marketing promotion.
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Melissa & Doug

The 4 Keys to Melissa & Doug’s Success

Learn how customer Melissa & Doug used the power of data to become a top 15 global toy manufacturer, sold in over 100 countries.

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