Cross-Retailer Scorecards

Understand how your retailers are performing

Cross-Retailer Scorecards
Cross-Retailer Scorecards in
Cross-Retailer Scorecards

Understand relative sales and inventory performance side-by-side between retailers with the help of automatically mapped and linked product identifiers.

Act quickly on opportunities when retailers are under- or over-performing with daily and weekly performance insights surfaced for you.

Track KPIs such as growth rates, weeks-of-supply, lost sales, in-stock percentage, margin and retail price in aggregate or by a subset of partners.

Slice and dice your retailer comparisons by channel types to better understand breakouts between brick-and-mortar, e-commerce, etc.

Get alerted to when and how a retail partner is falling behind so that sales teams can manage by exception to improve sales.

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What a Successful Retail Launch Looks Like

“What I find really helpful with is it’s able to aggregate all the different retailer logins and pull that information in. In some of the retailers we were working with, we were getting Excel files. We weren’t even getting a real portal. What I love about [] is I am able to look at the business across all the retailers and then really evaluate it.”

Larra Haftevani, Director of Retail Partnerships
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