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Leaders across the consumer goods industry share their expertise to help you drive growth across your retail and ecommerce business, and grow your career in Sales, Supply Chain, Marketing, and Finance.

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With the help of Manfred Reiche we delve into the intricacies of point-of-sale data and its transformative impact on the consumer goods industry. Learn easy ways to use POS data to solve sales and supply chain challenges in the CPG space.
Lasse Holmstedt, VP of Engineering at Alloy.ai, joins the Shelf Life Podcast to discuss the dynamic role of generative AI, large language models and machine learning within the consumer goods sector.
On this episode of the Shelf Life Podcast, we discuss the path to growth as a consumer brand startup — with a focus on Ember’s exponential growth, how they integrate technology into the heart of their supply chain, the role of AI, the essence of culture, and the art of innovative product development.
The Alloy.ai team, Joel and Logan, discuss the commercial and consumer-behavior dynamics at play during holidays like easter, and what they mean for consumer brands.
Unlock the secrets landing and growing coveted shelf space at Walmart. Bill Sinacore, VP of National Accounts at PlayMonster joins Shelf Life to share advice gleaned over his 30+ year career at industrys giants like LEGO and LeapFrog.
We sat down with Matt Bergum, the Country Business Director for Canada at Bosch Power Tools, to dive into the state of ecommerce in 2024.

Meet the hosts

Photo of Joel Beal, CEO and Co-Founder of Alloy.ai

Joel Beal

CEO & Co-Founder @ Alloy.ai

Joel started Alloy.ai to help consumer goods brands to make faster and smarter supply chain, planning and sales decisions. Alloy.ai is the platform of choice for leading consumer goods brands – including Bosch, Crayola, Ferrero, Melissa & Doug, Valvoline and many more – across multiple industries.

Photo of Logan Ensign, Chief Customer Officer @ Alloy.ai

Logan Ensign

Chief Customer Officer @ Alloy.ai

Logan is an expert in predictive analytics, AI and supply chain. As Chief Customer Officer, his team works closely with customers to help them solve their retail, ecommerce and supply chain data challenges. Before joining Alloy.ai, Logan worked for InsideSales.com, an AI and predictive analytics platform for sales operations.

Abby Carruthers

Product Manager @ Alloy.ai

Abby manages Alloy.ai’s predictive and prescriptive products, including forecasting, simulations, replenishment recommendations and more. She has a background in Client Solutions; helping customers get value from B2B SaaS products across the supply chain and retail analytics space.

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