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Expert Voices from the Consumer Goods Industry

Leaders across the consumer goods industry share their expertise to help you drive growth across your retail and ecommerce business, and grow your career in Sales, Supply Chain, Marketing, and Finance.

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An in-depth discussion on making data driven sales, supply chain and product decisions. As a data expert, Eric shares how consumer brands can harness data without extensive resources, how to bring and present data to retail buyers to influence replenishment and how to recognize and utilize sudden surges in consumer demand.
We sit down with world-renowned supply chain guru, Professor David Simchi-Levi. This MIT professor and head of the MIT Data Science Lab, shares his insights on supply chain digitization, and how with moderate financial investment, you can swiftly digitize your supply chain while reaping the rewards.
Peek behind the curtain of one of the beauty industry’s most successful companies. Vitaly Simonian, the Vice President of Finance at Dr Dennis Gross Skincare, takes us on a journey through a business that’s quadrupled in size and expanded into 16 markets.
John Buckley discusses planning for supply chain disruptions, the sometimes contentious dynamic between retailers and consumer brands, and how to stay closer to consumer demand.

Upcoming guests

Dave Henderson
Chief Commercial Officer
Melissa & Doug
photo of vitaliy simonian
Vitaliy Simonian
Vice President, Finance
Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare
Eric Richardson
Manager of Forecasting and Data Analytics
David Simchi-Levi
Author, Professor of Engineering Systems and Head of MIT Data Science Lab
Anna Linden
VP, Global Head of Supply Chain Planning
Tod Stenger
Director, Digital Supply Chain
Zach Horton
Sr. Director, Logistics, Supply & Demand Planning
Vivek Gurusamy
Chief Operating Officer
What Do You Meme?
Matthew Bergum
Country Business Director, Canada
Bosch Power Tools
Bill Sinacore
VP, National Accounts
Lasse Holmstedt
VP, Engineering
Khanh Lam
Engagement Manager

Meet the hosts

Photo of Joel Beal, CEO and Co-Founder of

Joel Beal

CEO & Co-Founder @

Joel started to help consumer goods brands to make faster and smarter supply chain, planning and sales decisions. is the platform of choice for leading consumer goods brands – including Bosch, Crayola, Ferrero, Melissa & Doug, Valvoline and many more – across multiple industries.

Photo of Logan Ensign, Chief Customer Officer @

Logan Ensign

Chief Customer Officer @

Logan is an expert in predictive analytics, AI and supply chain. As Chief Customer Officer, his team works closely with customers to help them solve their retail, ecommerce and supply chain data challenges. Before joining, Logan worked for, an AI and predictive analytics platform for sales operations.

Abby Carruthers

Product Manager @

Abby manages’s predictive and prescriptive products, including forecasting, simulations, replenishment recommendations and more. She has a background in Client Solutions; helping customers get value from B2B SaaS products across the supply chain and retail analytics space.

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