Real-time sales and inventory analytics

Analysis is where Alloy comes to life for business users in sales and supply chain. Easily set up dashboards and alerts to design workflows that drive business processes.

Analytics that support real-time decisions across your business

Alloy empowers everyone on your team to make data-driven decisions without having to sift through information or go digging for insights themselves. Synthesizing a wide range of data points, Alloy simulates metrics across your supply chain like projected weeks of supply and lost sales $ to help you quickly pinpoint and quantify risks.

  • Monitor your entire business in one place

    Alloy supports strategic decisions with a comprehensive, harmonized view of supply and demand across retailers, as well as your internal supply chain network.

  • Modern, consumer-grade user experience

    With an intuitive, simple to learn interface, Alloy is easy to adopt at any skill-level. Casual users can painlessly access important data and visualize insights while power users have the flexibility to dig deep into your data and set up custom workflows.

  • Flexible workflows that help you prioritize, diagnose and resolve problems

    Apply templated workflows for common Alloy use cases or customize them to your needs. Unlike static reporting, Alloy’s dynamic dashboards let you easily zoom in and out of data, from store-SKU level to cross-channel, or move further up your supply chain network.

  • Customized alerts to manage by exception

    Instead of manually sifting and filtering, set alerts that highlight areas of the business that need your attention, digging in deeper where necessary.


Alloy for Supply Chain

Simulate inventory risk across your supply chain network to anticipate, diagnose and respond to critical issues

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Alloy for Sales

Take control of your retail partnerships with real-time analytics

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Why Alloy

The central nervous system for sales, supply chain and planning

Break down the silos separating your teams. Alloy is a single source of truth for supply and demand, allowing all teams to speak the same language and collaborate more effectively.

Plan and execute based on true demand. By capturing demand in real-time at the point of sale, Alloy’s out-of-the-box connectors strengthen your sales, supply chain and planning processes.

Empower everyone to make data-driven decisions in real time. Alloy eliminates the guesswork and data wrangling, so you can plan better, execute better and build a better feedback loop between the two.

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