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Consumer brands today are challenged by increasing competition, shifting consumer behavior, growing retailer power, and compounding volumes of data. That ongoing disruption gets in the way of understanding and serving true demand at the speed needed to capture sales while controlling costs.

An intuitive, purpose-built platform empowers everyone, whether it’s to bring data-driven insights to buyers, focus sales team efforts, or optimize inventory levels and customer service. Taking control starts with aligning your teams around a single source of truth and automatically updating the dashboards and metrics they care most about.

Replace manual data prep with automated data ingestion and analytics

  • Pre-built integrations aggregate, cleanse, and harmonize data from across retailers, e-commerce, distributors, and 3PLs   Learn More >
  • Built-in metrics reflect the way each retailer and brand evaluates performance
  • Flexible dashboards are customizable to show exactly the data you want, how you want it
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Zoom in and out of data, from store-SKU level to cross-channel, and conduct ad hoc analysis

  • Drill downs provide product and geography insights within the context of the entire business
  • Network visibility shows inventory levels and movement within customer DCs and stores
  • Intuitive interface is simple to learn and use on the go

Get notified of top opportunities and issues as soon as they emerge

  • Real-time alerts surface demand changes and trends to the right people
  • Artificial intelligence learns which alerts are most relevant and improves alerts over time
  • Collaboration tools expedite information sharing and alignment on an action plan
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Insights and Best Practices

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