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Our Mission

Over $20 trillion worth of goods are manufactured, transported, and sold each year - the things we use, wear, and eat every day. The global supply chain is one the world's largest economic engines, but it struggles under the burden of its own complexity.

The manufacturers, distributors, and retailers that make up this complex network are limited by the information they possess. They struggle to track and respond to supply and demand as their product travels from production to consumer, relying on 40-year-old data standards, error-ridden Excel files, and labor-intensive manual processes.

At Alloy, we’re set to change all this. We provide the first comprehensive, low-latency view of demand and inventory across all distribution channels. Our platform connects manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and retailers, allowing companies to track their products down to the store shelf and better respond to end-consumer demand.

About Us

We are early stage, well funded by leading VCs, and growing. Our team studied at top institutions including MIT, Stanford, Waterloo, ETH Zurich, CMU, and Harvard and has diverse backgrounds and experience in analytics, large-scale enterprise software, and retail and financial technology. Culture really matters to us: we value diversity in all forms and strive to foster respect, integrity, and open communication.

We're committed to making enterprise software inspiring. We use Google Compute Engine, BigTable, PostgreSQL, Redis, Python, Java, and React—all wrapped in strong design.


Role Location
Sales Development Representative San Francisco, CA
Software Engineer San Francisco, CA
Data Engineer San Francisco, CA
Account Executive San Francisco, CA
Software Developer Vancouver, BC

If you don't see the perfect fit, send us a message at [email protected] and let us know how you can best contribute.