Insight for Decision-Makers

How it works

  1. Alloy automates the collection of valuable sales and supply chain data from different sources, bringing you the freshest data exactly when you need it. We collect data from:
    • Data portals (retailer, 3PL, etc)
    • EDI
    • Spreadsheets
    • eCommerce platforms
    • ERP/TMS/WMS systems
  2. Alloy’s data model connects the dots between demand, inventory, forecasts, and orders across all of your products and distribution channels for a harmonized view of sales and inventory performance.
  3. Our easy-to-use analytics and intelligent notifications help you and your team answer questions and find opportunities quickly.


Data Automation

  • Cloud-based platform, so that your team can access the information any time, anywhere.
  • Robotic process automation alleviates the burden of manually downloading data.
  • Data integrity reporting helps you trust the numbers.

Purpose-Built Analytics

  • Retailer-specific metrics, dimensions, calendars, and location models let you see and talk about the world in the same way that your customers do.
  • Descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics so that you can both identify and act on insights.


  • Simple drag-and-drop dashboard builder makes it easy to answer questions on-the-fly
  • Drilldown to see what’s driving lifts and drops
  • One click to export your data so that you can use it in other business processes. Hello Demand Planners!
  • Subscribe to your favorite reports and receive email updates when you need them.

Smart Alerts

Alloy surfaces the most urgent and actionable opportunities for you, like:

  • Low inventory warnings
  • Unusual changes in retail prices
  • Unexpected demand surges
  • Product performing above or below forecast
  • Orders that deviate from plan
  • Top products heating up and cooling down
  • Supply risks


Get your data up and running in hours, not months. Alloy doesn’t require custom integrations or a lengthy deployment process. Our cloud-based platform automatically connects with your trading partners and starts delivering value immediately. Some of our customers are up and running in as little as an hour!

See it in action! Contact us to set up a demo. Contact Us