Bridge the gap between your plans and reality

Take control of your business with Alloy, the central nervous system for sales, supply chain and planning

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Purpose-built for consumer goods brands

The central nervous system for sales, supply chain and planning

Alloy collects real-time signals about your business and alerts you to important insights

  • Break down the silos separating your teams

    Consumer goods companies are slowed down by separate data, systems and teams. Alloy breaks down these silos by providing a single source of truth for supply and demand, allowing all teams to speak the same language and collaborate more effectively.

  • Plan and execute based on true demand

    Orders lag true consumer demand by weeks, obscuring opportunities and risks. By capturing demand in real-time at the point of sale, Alloy’s out-of-the-box connectors strengthen your sales, supply chain and planning processes.

  • Empower everyone to make data-driven decisions in real time

    Consistently making timely, data-driven decisions is impossible when individuals have to wrangle and analyze data themselves. Alloy helps eliminate the guesswork in managing your supply chain and your partners, so you can plan better, execute better and build a better feedback loop between the two.

Solutions overview

Alloy for

Take control of your retail partnerships with real-time analytics

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Alloy for
Supply Chain

Simulate inventory risk across your supply chain network to anticipate, diagnose and respond to critical issues

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Alloy for
Demand Planning

Conduct strategic, integrated planning by converting POS demand into a single optimal shipment plan

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Our customers say it best

It's been critical to have Alloy to help connect the dots for us. Alloy not only provides real-time inventory and turn information, but also connects the dots with POS to predict where it is that I'm likely to have spoils - in time for us to do something, like work with that retailer earlier to move the product faster.

Glenn Lawse
Glenn Lawse VP Commercial Supply Chain

I would recommend Alloy to anyone manufacturing something who needs to sell it, who’s trying to develop and grow a business, whether it be a pacifier or cosmetics. It is a huge time saver, and it is accurate and reliable.

Laura Cline Global Director of Education

Alloy will be a cornerstone of that [forward-looking, proactive supply chain] strategy because it can project where problems are most likely to occur in the future, at a granular level. Too much of the current reporting washes out the details and hides problems.

Craig Moughler Chief Supply Chain Officer

Alloy transforms how consumer goods businesses adapt to change

Adapt faster

Teams use real-time data to identify and respond to market shifts as they happen

Adapt smarter

When reality deviates from your plan, everyone has the context they need to make better decisions

Adapt together

Enable your teams to speak the same language with a single source of truth for supply and demand

How it works

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