Alloy recognized in top 10 of CGT 2019 Readers’ Choice Awards

Date Posted: March 13, 2019

We are honored to join companies like Google, IBM, Microsoft, and SAP in being named a best-in-class provider in Consumer Goods Technology (CGT) Magazine’s 19th annual awards. The CGT community of consumer goods executives recognized Alloy as a top 10 vendor for both the Artificial Intelligence and Supply Chain Planning business functions.


According to CGT, the goal of the awards is to help “CGs identify the solution providers who might best fill the role of partner across 16 vital business functions.” They surveyed hundreds of employees of consumer goods companies, with an almost even split between small to mid-sized businesses (<$1B annual revenue) and enterprise organizations (>$1B annual revenue).

The lists showcase the companies that received the best “Total Scores” — a combination of the number of votes received and the average customer satisfaction rating in that category. For more on the survey methodology and participants, please refer to the February issue of CGT magazine.

Artificial Intelligence Top 10
Top provider categories

The Artificial Intelligence category is made up of CGT community’s preferred providers of solutions leveraging artificial intelligence/machine learning software and services, either as a stand-alone tool or as an enhanced component of an existing technology. Alloy software takes the latter approach, strategically using AI where it makes sense to enhance our solutions, such as demand forecasting. Machine learning is used as one methodology in our forecasting toolkit, which also includes proven and emerging data science models, to select the best forecasts for customers and continually improve them over time.

Supply Chain Planning includes the CGT community’s favorite solution providers for planning, including demand forecasting and inventory management. Alloy’s recognition in this category showcases our strength in intelligent demand forecasting and integrated demand planning, built on a robust data platform that serves as a single source of truth and unites teams from sales to marketing to supply chain.

Customer satisfaction tops our list

The Reader’s Choice Awards are particularly meaningful to us because they are rooted in customer satisfaction, providing strong evidence that Alloy is creating software that your team will love. The quantitative survey results complement the powerful stories we hear from our users of how Alloy has increased sales and improved operations and how “the Alloy team is a delight to work with.”

It also reminds us of how thankful we are for all our wonderful customers. To our clients, thank you so much for the honor and partnership!

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