Alloy selected by Ferrero USA for digital supply chain management

Date Posted: October 15, 2019
Ferrero USA implements innovative solution for supply chain visibility, insight and action

Alloy, the modern demand platform for consumer goods brands, today announced Ferrero USA, the confectionery company known in the U.S. for Nutella®️, Ferrero Rocher®️, Kinder® and Tic Tac®️, is implementing Alloy’s enterprise supply chain solution.

The announcement follows a successful pilot program with Alloy, which identified a potential bottom-line impact of 5% or more a year for Ferrero USA, accrued from:

  • Improving predictions of store-level out-of-stocks and phantom inventory, and addressing their root causes
  • Reducing overstocks, returns and pending expirations
  • Strengthening retailer relationships, supported by deeper analysis of demand drivers and more strategic collaboration

“Ferrero is constantly looking at innovative ways to meet consumer demand and further enhance our retailer partnerships,” said Glenn Lawse, VP Supply Chain, Ferrero USA.

“Our distributor and retailer teams are eager to start using Alloy and get the upstream and downstream insight they need to influence allocation and optimize on-shelf availability.”
-Glenn Lawse, VP Supply Chain, Ferrero USA

“Alloy was created to enable the demand-driven supply chain, starting with manufacturers who sell directly to retailers & consumers and struggle to sense and respond to true demand,” said Joel Beal, CEO, Alloy. “This rollout with Ferrero shows how our product has taken a significant step forward, bringing visibility to an even more complex supply chain and connecting the dots across multiple, disjointed tiers to facilitate proactive inventory management.”


About Alloy

Alloy readies consumer brands to capture demand and streamline supply by breaking down data silos across sales, marketing, and supply chain. The platform enables manufacturers to continuously monitor omnichannel demand to improve performance and demand planning. It connects those insights to end-to-end supply chain visibility, so teams can proactively address inventory risks and opportunities.

With Alloy, brands prevent lost revenue from out-of-stocks and phantom inventory, lower losses from overstocks, and grow sales while increasing efficiency. A breadth of customers, from Fortune 100 enterprises to fast-growing startups, have chosen Alloy software to support daily execution and strategic decision-making. For more information, please visit

About Ferrero

For over 70 years, Ferrero has been creating products loved by generations. We’ve grown from a bakery in Alba into the third largest confectionery in the world. We entered the U.S. market in 1969 with TIC TAC® mints and continue to craft beloved brands including Ferrero Rocher®, Nutella®, Kinder® and Fannie May chocolates.

We’re proud to be a family-run company with 3,000 employees in seven offices and five plants in North America. Instilled in every aspect of our business at every level is the entrepreneurial spirit of our founders, and we work together as a family to bring the Ferrero passion for quality, creativity, and innovation to life every day. For more information, follow @FerreroUSA on Twitter.

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