Technical Overview

Architecture is a cloud-based, demand and inventory control tower for consumer goods companies. More than 30,000 engineering hours have been invested in developing the Data Platform. Consumer goods-specific metrics and business logic are layered on top, allowing users to make better and faster supply chain and planning decisions.


Integration has 850+ pre-built connectors to automate data collection across the supply chain, regardless of format (flat file, API, EDI, Excel spreadsheet). These data integrations are set up during implementation and then automatically updated on a predetermined cadence.

This table shows the types of connectors that already exist in the platform. Custom connectors can be built as needed. Not all data elements are required, but as many as possible are encouraged to enable the full suite of use cases. We will advise which data elements are essential and which are optional based on the capabilities desired.

Data Elements

Internal: Customer Orders and Shipments Transactions (“Sell-in”) Internal: Customer Orders and Shipments Transactions (“Sell-in”)
Internal: Product Master Internal: Brand Forecast/Plan Retail Calendars Internal: Calendar
External: Partner Data Portal External: Partner EDI
External: Partner Flat Files (Excel, etc.) Internal: ERP Inventory
Internal: ERP Purchase/Production Orders [Transactional] Internal: ERP Internal Transfers [Transactional]
External: 3PL Integration (Inv, SO, PO) External: Supplier Integration (Inv, SO, PO)
Planning Parameters (Lead Times, Inventory Targets, MOQs, etc.) Flat Files (Excel, etc.)


Harmonize the various data types to create a unified representation of your end-to-end supply chain.


Metrics provides out-of-the-box metrics critical for every consumer goods company to effectively manage their inventory relative to fluctuating demand. Drawing from the expertise of our customers, continually introduces additional industry best practice metrics as part of its SaaS subscription. Below is a sample list of metrics routinely provides users.

Sample Metrics

Category Sell-In Inventory Sell-Through
Partner Data Retail Orders Retail Inventory Sales
Partner Data Retail Shipments Retail Inventory Target Sales Target
Partner Data Retail Receipts Retail Weeks of Supply Forecasts and Plans
Partner Data Brand Forecasts/Plans Retail Weeks of Supply Target
Partner Data Retail Out-of-Stock
Partner Data Retail In-Stock
ERP Data Brand Forecasts/Plans Brand Inventory
ERP Data Sales Order-Line Item 3PL/Distributor Inventory
ERP Data Internal Transfers Supplier Inventory
Derived Data Retail Phantom Inventory Unconstrained Demand
Derived Data Simulated Inventory Lost Sales
Derived Data Simulated Weeks of Supply OOS %


Built on top of the Data Platform are business logic and features that enable users across departments to analyze, forecast, plan and make decisions, all operating off a unified source of information for easier cross-functional alignment and collaboration.

Application Features
Data Data Source Status
Data Export
Data Import
Data Location Master Management
Data Product Master Management
Data Shipping Lane Management
Data Unit Conversion
Data Event Management
Intelligence Lift Impact Analysis
Intelligence Retail Forecast Versioning
Intelligence Customized Product Attributes
Intelligence Dashboard Linking
Intelligence Dashboards
Intelligence Attribute Filters
Intelligence Metric Filters
Intelligence Industry-Best Practice Metrics
Intelligence Network Aware Attributes
Intelligence Widgets
Intelligence POS Forecasting
Orders Order Status Tracking
Orders Order-Line Item Visibility
Settings Alerts
Settings Global Search
Settings Permissions
Settings Subscriptions