Webinar: Successful Retail Launches with Billie

Learn what a successful retail launch looks like. Watch this on-demand webinar to hear how Billie successfully launched into thousands of Walmart stores.

Watch the Full Webinar:

The first several weeks are critical when launching into a new retailer. Best-selling shaving brand Billie understood that their first push into 4,500+ Walmart doors earlier this year could be a make-or-break moment for the brand, and they took a data-driven approach to retail performance.

Watch the full on-demand-replay of this interactive webinar, featuring Larra Haftevani, Director of Retail Partnerships at Billie, and learn how Billie used data insights in Alloy to power their successful launch into thousands of Walmart stores. Larra will share her playbook for how the digital-first brand plans for the early weeks of a new retail launch, including how Billie is using real-time data to:

  • Monitor inventory levels at specific stores to ensure that every store has the inventory needed, and daily sales at the location and channel level to predict product adoption curves
  • Aim to understand their OOS positions and identify phantom inventory, then take quick action to correct it
  • Track real-time sales data against Walmart’s forecasts to optimize Billie’s demand and shipment planning initiatives

This webinar is educational for both digital-first brands and for more established brands looking for better ways to launch into new retail partners — or launch new products with existing retail partners — more efficiently.

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