Alloy Covid-19 response center

The Covid-19 pandemic continues to cause consumer demand to change in unpredictable ways – across categories, sales channels, and retailers. Now as states re-open on different schedules, there will be added variation on a geographic level.

As you adapt your supply chain to manage the evolving situation, we’re here to help with:

  • Real-time visibility into retail sales and inventory, broken down by category, sales channel, and store
  • Flexible analysis using custom time frames, such as last 5 weeks or week-over-week, without additional data manipulation
  • Pre-built Covid-19 executive dashboard template to pinpoint your critical risks
  • Implementation in days, not weeks, and without IT involvement
  • A cloud solution and Client Solutions team ready for remote work and collaboration

Schedule a meeting to see how you can quickly identify your greatest risk areas, allocate inventory and correct imbalances, and ensure you’re well positioned as demand continues to shift and stores start to re-open. Get started >

Covid-19 Dashboard

Resources for managing the new normal


A demand framework for Covid-19 from crisis response to the new normal

With the right data, consumer brands can determine whether their demand is rising, falling, or re-distributing due to COVID-19, without waiting for retailers

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The “new normal” means there is no normal

What brands should do now, and in the short, medium, and long term to navigate uncertainty and quickly respond to changing demand


The algorithms big companies use to manage their supply chains don’t work during pandemics

The data the algorithms use isn’t reliable. Instead, people have to more actively interpret projections.

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When crisis hits: Use real-time visibility to continuously optimize supply

Supply chain resiliency, or the ability for a disrupted network to adjust and optimize, requires inventory visibility, relative to demand in each channel

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Coronavirus and humble pie: Sticking to what we’re hearing from brands

During COVID-19, Alloy customers are using real-time supply chain visibility and retail analytics to manage day-to-day and track channel & product shifts.

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Data Sheet

Take control of your supply chain during the COVID-19 crisis

With Alloy’s COVID-19 executive dashboard, you can easily identify your greatest risk areas and be well positioned to respond as demand continues to shift


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