Best Buy

Alloy is an official Data Partner for Best Buy. Our pre-built connection with Best Buy automatically ingests your EDI 852 and Neogrid sales and inventory data from Best Buy on a daily basis. 

Quickly and easily analyze current performance at any level – down to individual SKU-store combinations or across multiple retailers – without spending hours manually downloading and manipulating data or waiting for canned reports.


Key benefits

  • Save time: Let us automate your data ingestion from EDI 852 and Neogrid
  • Cross-retailer POS analytics: Integrate and aggregate your Best Buy data with the data from other retailers
  • Single source of truth across demand and inventory: Automatically integrate and harmonize data across retailer, distributor, 3PL and ERP systems for  full visibility across your supply chain

Value-add insights

  • Weeks of supply
  • Future weeks of supply
  • Lost sales (at Price)
  • Lost sales (at Cost)
  • Out of stock %
  • % of Forecast
  • Gross margin
  • Active locations
  • Sales per store
  • Recommended order adjustments

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