Plan and execute based on consumer demand

Demand Planning is a POS-driven forecasting and planning solution for consumer goods companies. It generates forecasts based on harmonized POS, channel inventory and shipment data, translating them into a cross-retailer shipment plan based on your inputs.

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Select forecast models and apply them to integrated sell-through data for your different SKUs or categories


Identify deviations between your forecasts and consumer demand in real time


Understand why forecast deviations occur and what to do about them



Make the right planning and execution adjustments

Adapt to shifting demand with outside-in forecasting

Empower your demand planners to focus on what matters with integrated retail data and built-in forecast models. Align your operations to your strategy by unifying demand planning across your retailers.

  • Sense and adjust to demand shifts across teams, as they happen

    Adapting to change is a team sport. Alloy makes it easy to track forecasts and plans against sell-through, sell-in and channel inventory in real time, creating a feedback loop between planning and execution.

  • Forecast more accurately with harmonized, pre-ingested demand data

    Use granular sell-through and channel inventory data to forecast each SKU or category, better capturing differences in seasonality, price sensitivity and other factors.

  • Focus on the SKUs and categories that need your attention and automate the rest

    Receive alerts on the largest deviations, enabling you to plan by exception while keeping the long tail of SKUs and retailers on auto-pilot.

  • More accurately account for differences in seasonality, price sensitivity and other factors

    Select the best forecast model for each SKU or category, choosing from nine different out-of-the-box models as well as internal and partner forecasts. Alloy provides models like ARIMA, Ensemble, BSTS and more, letting you use MAPE, bias and seasonality to determine which ones work best.

Use Cases

Forecast model selection

Easily identify and apply the best model for each SKU or category

Continuous planning

Make adjustments before demand shifts show up in your order patterns

New product introductions

Easily forecast adoption curves based on comparison SKUs

Event forecasting

Measure historical promotions to more accurately forecast future ones

Why Alloy

Make data-driven decisions based on real-time consumer demand

Consumer demand is constantly shifting. Alloy helps users across your business analyze and find insights in point-of-sale, forecast, inventory, order and shipment data across all of your retailers — with just a couple of clicks.

Break down the silos separating your teams

Alloy is a single source of truth for supply and demand. By harmonizing retail data with your internal systems, Alloy provides complete visibility from manufacturing to the consumer to support planning and execution decisions.

Take control of your retail partnerships

Your retailers won’t always make the best decisions for your business. Empower your customer-facing teams to proactively identify risks and opportunities at the shelf, using retail insights to influence your partners’ actions and build trust over time.

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