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  • Automatically gathers and harmonizes data from 850+ sources (including your retail POS, e-commerce, ERP, and more)
  • Gives you near real-time visibility into to demand and inventory positions from shelf to warehouse
  • Uses AI and predictive simulations to tell you what will happen next, so you can make the quick and informed decisions to reduce stockouts and minimize excess inventory costs

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Purpose-built for consumer goods brands
Alloy Planning is going to really help us in figuring out — based on our lead times — how long it takes us to get products to our 3PL to ship to Walmart. That lead time is really important to consider. Alloy Planning is going to take all that into consideration and tell us how quickly we should be ordering.
Larra Haftevani
Director of Retail Partnerships
The two things that by far stand out to me are the simplicity of use – like how common sense the dashboards are, and if I’m looking to do something, I can do it myself – and the customer service – having an account rep who helps me when I’m stuck. I think it’s awesome to have someone on the Alloy.ai side to be able to build dashboards with me.
Larra Haftevani
Director of Retail Partnerships
Alloy.ai gives us a complete global view of our business, across all accounts and all regions. It allows every person in the company to access the data and utilize it to drive our business. It has allowed us to build trust with our retailers because it’s their data. When we’re talking to someone at Walmart, there is no question about the data source. Alloy.ai has allowed us to unlock a lot of conversations and it’s easy to use to find what you want.
Dave Henderson
Chief Commercial Officer