Hardware company moves with greater agility with Alloy’s automated platform

Date Posted: November 01, 2018

This Alloy client is a publicly-held company that sells credit card readers and accessories popular among small businesses, such as restaurants and retailers. Its hardware products are sold through more than a dozen retail partners, including Best Buy, Target, and Office Depot, as well as through distributors and directly on its own online store.

  • An electronics company was unable to move with the speed and agility they wanted because of slow, manually-driven business intelligence
  • Alloy automated the collection and analysis of all sales and inventory data, enabling the company to make decisions more quickly and be more proactive with partners
  • Every team at the company has access to the same source of truth for data, making cross-organization collaboration and demand planning (like S&OP processes) easier

The company prides themselves on being agile and innovative, but their manually-driven business intelligence process was slowing them down. The retail sales team spent hours every week aggregating reports from different sources, a process that was both time-consuming and error-prone. Additionally, the constraints of needing to process all data manually meant that insights were restrained to averages and other high-level metrics, with limited granularity.



To accelerate their pace, the company turned to Alloy. Now, Alloy is responsible for the collection and harmonization of their retail data, automating a task that used to be manual and inefficient. Instead of spending their time preparing data for analysis, the team quickly gets to insights and response coordination.

The company uses Alloy software across multiple teams, including marketing, sales, fulfillment, planning, and finance, to:

  • Generate weekly reports for both the business and finance sides of the company
  • Optimize inventory management and make critical supply chain decisions
  • Conduct ROI analysis for marketing efforts
  • Support sales and operations planning
  • Evaluate the performance of distribution partners against expectations



Increased efficiency. Alloy has eliminated data drudgery by automating the collection and harmonization of the company’s data. Now, the team can log in to a single portal at any time and see updated sales and inventory performance metrics across the entire business.

Strengthened partner relationships. Externally, Alloy has also made it easier to communicate and plan across partners. The client is able to be a more proactive partner to their retailers and distributors, suggesting strategies to increase sell-through and analyzing performance versus expectation.

Improved collaboration. Internally, Alloy has facilitated the use of demand and inventory data to inform planning processes and financial reporting. Because everyone has access to a single source of truth, misunderstandings and ambiguity are reduced, and everyone can move forward faster and with greater confidence.

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