Bloomingdale's Vendor Portal

Bloomingdale's is a luxury department store chain in the United States, offering a wide range of high-end fashion, beauty, and home products. product image showing sales and inventory trends.

Automate sales and inventory reports from Bloomingdale's Vendor Portal

  • Connect to Bloomingdale's Vendor Portal and 100s of other retailer, ecommerce and supply chain partner data portals — even your own ERP — and bring in normalized sales and inventory data as soon as it's available.
  • Analyze Bloomingdale's point-of-sale trends and easily drill down to the store, location and SKU level to spot opportunities and fix problems.
  • Respond in seconds instead of days to reduce out-of-stocks, find sales opportunities, execute better launches and promotions and more.
  • Power your replenishment, inventory, promotion and planning decisions by piping POS-data into your data warehouse or existing BI, planning or TPM tool. Data Platform

Connect to Bloomingdale's Vendor Portal and 100s of other retail partners automatically ingests and normalizes point-of-sale data from your retail and ecommerce partners — down to the location / store / SKU level — saving you time and making it easy surface insights to grow sales.

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Brick and mortar sales, inventory, forecasts

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Orders, shipments, and inventory at DCs



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How customers use

Instant dashboards and metrics from your Bloomingdale’s data

  • Point of Sale Trends
  • Sell-in vs Sell-through
  • Retailer Forecast Monitoring
  • Lost Retail Sales
  • Excess Retail Inventory
  • Inventory Visibility
  • Warehouse Stock Risks
  • Allocation Insights
  • New Product Launch Execution
  • Phantom Inventory
+ many more Data Platform

Supercharge your Bloomingdale’s data with AI

Advanced machine learning forecasts, simulations and out-of-stock prevention algorithms power a set of advanced CPG-specific metrics you’ll only see in



Raw Data

Data Marketplace

300+ more integrations Data Platform
AI-powered metrics without the mystery:
  • Sales Forecasts
  • Inventory Turns
  • Lost Sales
  • Phantom Inventory
  • Inventory Simulations
  • Shipment Recommendations
  • Weeks of Supply
  • Active Locations
  • Expected Unit Sales
  • …and more!
Data Integration Destinations

Integrate Bloomingdale’s data into your favorite applications an open platform, letting you automatically integrate data from retailer portals, ecommerce sites, supply chain partners and even your ERP into the leading BI, planning applications, ELT/ETLs and databases you already use.


Connect, predict and respond with

Automate sales and inventory reports from Bloomingdale's Vendor Portal and 100s of other sources is purpose-built for consumer brands. You’ll save hundreds of hours per year with our platform that automatically maps retailer supply chain networks, translates across how partners describe products, time and measurement, and combines POS data with your ERP to give you accurate and actionable inventory recommendations.

Surface opportunities to grow sales at Bloomingdale's and other retailers

Gain a granular understanding of your omni-channel POS sales trends at Bloomingdale's and highlight changes since the last reporting period. Compare performance across retailers and time horizons to answer complex questions. gives you hundreds of CPG-specific metrics — like lost sales and phantom inventory — to give you a complete view of your sales performance.

Spot inventory problems at Bloomingdale's before they become sales problems combines your internal network inventory with Bloomingdale's and distributor inventory data, giving you a complete picture of your inventory levels today and what they are going to be. You’ll get alerted of upcoming inventory shortages or excess supply so you can address issues proactively.

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