Alloy Intelligence

Empower your organization to adapt to shifting consumer demand

Alloy Intelligence is a POS and inventory analytics solution that serves as an early warning system to consumer goods companies, giving teams a single source of information to make the right joint decisions to reduce stockouts and excess inventory costs.

Today With Alloy
Slow to react to market and supply chain changes

When supply chain and commercial teams don't have access to real-time, harmonized views of the latest POS demand and inventory data, they will be slow to react to market and supply chain disruptions, leading to unnecessary stockouts or excess inventory.
Sense and adjust quickly to market and supply chain changes

Consumer goods teams get an early warning system when their demand and supply are out of whack. With full real-time visibility of their demand and inventory positions from shelf to warehouse and predictive simulations on what to expect in the near future, brands can make the right decisions to reduce stockouts and minimize excess inventory costs.
Siloed, misaligned team processes

Sales, Marketing, Planning, Supply Chain Operations and Finance are operating their functions using different information and assumptions, resulting in a lack of trust across teams and making it impossible to make the right business decisions.
Build trust by aligning teams on a single source of information

Alloy Intelligence gives sales, marketing, planning and supply chain operations a single source of information where C-level executives and analysts alike can see analytic views relevant to them, making it easy to collaborate on decisions, communicate to partners and build trust across all parties.
Understanding real-time demand is inefficient and costly

Trying to piece together a complete picture of real-time consumer demand is nearly impossible when your tool is Excel.

Customizing a general purpose BI solution to gain full demand visibility that is continually refreshed is resource-intensive and still missing critical workflows and predictive analytics.
Ramp quickly and run efficiently with a purpose-built platform

Purpose-built for consumer brands, Alloy has out-of-the-box connectors that save brands from the painful and time-consuming process of manually aggregating and harmonizing disparate sources of POS data, channel inventory and ERP data, and refreshes that data on a continuous basis.

Alloy’s consumer goods expertise is embedded in pre-defined templates, workflows and a hands-on client solutions team to get brands up and running quickly and keep their total cost of ownership low.

Product Details

  • Granular POS and ERP data visibility
  • Data harmonization (product ID matching, location & product masters)
  • Simulated metrics (unconstrained demand, lost sales $, units on hand)
  • Recommended inventory adjustments
  • Configurable alerts
  • Flexible dashboards & dashboard linking
  • Unlimited user seats
Consumer-grade workflows
  • Executive command center
  • Out-of-stock prevention
  • Phantom inventory detection
  • Overstock detection
  • Retailer forecast monitoring
  • New item execution
  • Promotion sales lift analysis
  • Cross-channel scorecards
  • Line review templates

Use Cases



Test & learn

Line review

Sales management

Store execution

Proactive inventory


Today With Alloy
Retailers can’t prioritize everyone’s inventory, and automated replenishment algorithms often fail to detect and rectify inventory problems Alloy alerts you to when and where you have too much or too little inventory, quantifying the impact so you can persuade partners of the right adjustments
Consumer brands rarely test and measure their sales and marketing investments because A/B testing POS and inventory impacts is so manual and time consuming Alloy allows users to easily set up a guided A/B test in real time. Measure and understand the impacts of: promotions, end-caps, in-store events, regional advertising, weather events, COVID outbreaks, and more
Modern retail buyers prioritize their most data-driven sellers, but most salespeople don’t have the time or tools to consistently find demand insights Alloy provides your salespeople with a steady stream of alert-driven insights into inventory and sales trends, empowering account managers to share data that drives action from buyers
Sales leaders don’t always know where to focus their time to drive the most impact Alloy alerts sales executives to the reps, categories and partners that need their attention so they can effectively coach their team where it’s needed most
Store-level analytics are too complex and time consuming to do in spreadsheets, leading to missed execution issues Alloy makes it easy to identify, delegate and solve store-level execution issues like phantom inventory, presentation minimum errors or end-cap mistakes
Supply chain teams find out too late when inventory levels are too low or in the wrong locations to meet consumer demand Identify shortages or overstocks for any item-location before they happen with a complete view of scheduled shipments, scheduled receipts and simulated units-on-hand relative to your demand

Benefits of a Connected Planning & Execution Platform

Reduce guess work – Stop operating your business in the dark. By incorporating real-time consumer demand signals and up-to-date inventory status, you can make better-informed decisions faster. And predictive forecasting capabilities let you get ahead of potential issues before they cost your business.

Collaborate seamlessly – Break down the silos between your data and your teams. Build trust by aligning inventory planning, demand planning, sales, marketing, finance and operations teams around a single source of information, on a single intuitive platform.

Take action on what matters – Your plan will always diverge from your reality — the question is by how much? Alloy lets brands identify and resolve the exceptions that will make the biggest impact so they can focus attention and take on action on what matters most.