Make data-driven decisions based on real-time consumer demand

Alloy Intelligence is a POS and inventory analytics solution that serves as an early warning system to consumer goods companies, giving teams a single source of information to make the right joint decisions to reduce stockouts and excess inventory costs.

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Protect your market share and prevent lost sales

Traditional reporting washes out details and surfaces market shifts after they happen. Alloy analyzes the most recent, granular market data so that your team can proactively identify and respond to the highest priority areas of need.

Sales by Partner, Performance vs Forecast, Top Locations
  • Sense and adjust quickly to market and supply chain changes

    With full real-time visibility of their demand and inventory positions from shelf to warehouse and predictive simulations on what to expect in the near future, Alloy Intelligences helps brands make the right decisions to reduce stockouts and minimize excess inventory costs.

  • Build trust by aligning teams on a single source of information

    Alloy Intelligence gives sales, marketing, planning and supply chain operations a single source of information where C-level executives and analysts alike can see analytic views relevant to them, making it easy to collaborate on decisions, communicate to partners and build trust across all parties.

  • Ramp quickly and run efficiently with a purpose-built platform

    Alloy’s out-of-the-box connectors save brands from the painful and time-consuming process of manually aggregating and harmonizing disparate sources of POS data, channel inventory and ERP data, and refreshes that data on a continuous basis. Alloy’s consumer goods expertise is embedded in pre-defined templates, workflows and a hands-on client solutions team to get brands up and running quickly and keep their total cost of ownership low.

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Use Cases

Collaborative replenishment

Identify and resolve lost sales and unproductive inventory by making data-driven recommendations to buyers

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Line reviews

Own your narrative and protect your market share with data-driven storytelling

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Test & learn

Scientifically test and measure POS lift from promotions, end-caps, events and more

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Inventory deployment

Predict shortages or overstocks for any item-location with a complete view of supply and demand across your network

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Why Alloy

The first planning and execution platform connected to POS

Alloy connects real-time demand data from the point-of-sale through your supply chain to inform sales, marketing, supply chain and planning decisions. Alloy helps users across your business analyze and find insights in point-of-sale, forecast, inventory, order and shipment data across all of your retail and direct channels — with just a couple of clicks.

Powerful data platform, purpose-built for consumer goods brands

The Alloy Data Platform was built for data from across the consumer goods supply chain. Break down silos that separate your data, systems and teams with a unified architecture that integrates, harmonizes and enriches data from your partners and internal systems.

A seamless experience that incorporates both planning and execution

With planning and execution connected on one easy-to-use platform, teams across your company can easily identify exceptions across the entire supply chain, and quickly take action.

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Alloy Intelligence

Alloy Intelligence is a POS and inventory analytics solution to help consumer goods companies proactively take action to reduce stockouts and excess inventory costs.


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