Empowering Valvoline teams to drive data analysis and bring insights to retailers

Key takeaways

In a special Supply Chain Now livestream, the hosts were joined by Katlyn Davis with Valvoline and our VP Client Solutions Logan Ensign. The two have been working together for over a year and a half, making for a lively discussion about building trust and internal buy-in for new technology implementations.

In addition, Katlyn shared stories from her personal experience using data to tell a story and change the conversation with big retailers, like Walmart. Valvoline’s strong culture of cross-functional collaboration meant that as a Supply Chain Analyst, she met weekly with the account teams and was involved in all aspects of an account.

The full episode is filled with expert commentary from Scott Luton, Greg White and listeners, but if you’re short on time, check out this recap.

About the speakers

Katlyn Davis
Sales & Operations Analyst

Katlyn Davis graduated from the University of Kentucky in May of 2019 with a Bachelor of Science in Economics and two minors in International Business and Sculpture.

After a year of interning for Valvoline her senior year under DIY Marketing, she accepted a role as a Supply Chain Analyst in June of 2019. She oversaw the Walmart, Amazon, and Dollar General accounts during her year and a half in the supply chain role.

In February of 2021, Katlyn stepped into a new Operations and Sales Analyst position with Valvoline’s Express Care team.

Logan Ensign
VP Client Solutions

Logan is an expert in predictive analytics. At Alloy, he leads the team that works closely with customers to help them maximize value from the platform. They are focused on ensuring fast implementation, delivering trainings, sharing best practices and conducting regular business reviews.

He joined Alloy from InsideSales.com, where he led the company’s highest end service, Momentum PRIME. For customers who wanted to use predictive analytics to transform their sales operations, his team formed long-term relationships focused on optimizing sales process and strategy and ultimately delivering and showcasing value.

Logan’s early career was at RIC Insurance General Agency, where he worked in Corporate Strategy and Sales. He holds a degree in Biology and minor in Economics from Stanford University.

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