Local campaign insights inform growth strategy

Food brand tracks store sales to identify ROI

In order to create awareness around a new product, a young food brand ran “brand ambassador campaigns” in major U.S. cities. Ambassadors set up booths near stores that carried their products and provided samples to people who were passing by.

Key results
  • 20% increase in trial tied to local marketing campaigns
  • Result shaped rollout plans and allocation of marketing budget to increase efficiency
  • Automatic retailer point-of-sale and inventory data integration
  • Multi-retailer data aggregated and harmonized
  • Dynamic dashboards with drill-downs by region and zip code


Before Alloy, they had no way to effectively measure the efficacy of this kind of marketing effort.

The sales and marketing team simply could not track sell-through by city to evaluate if their investment led to any increased sales in the test areas. But Alloy’s granular POS analytics enabled them to do precisely that.

Using dynamic dashboards, they zoomed in from overall sales to sell-through performance only for the relevant SKUs and nearby stores and isolated individual POS performance before, during and after the campaign. They then accounted for halo effects by aggregating performance for all of the stores in the ambassador cities, across multiple retailers – not just the closest ones.

This analysis helped leadership get a much clearer sense of the program ROI. They determined it increased trial by 20%.

Their confidence in the outcome shaped future investment plans.

With a much better understanding of the efficacy of sampling, they could determine how it compared to other tactics, like digital campaigns, and how it should fit into their marketing strategy. The insight helped them use their marketing budget more efficiently as they expanded the campaign to additional cities to drive growth.


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