Plan based on real-time consumer demand

Alloy Planning is a POS-driven forecasting and planning solution that helps consumer goods companies adapt quickly to market and supply chain changes, break down silos between teams and empower planners to focus on maximizing business opportunities.

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Adapt to shifting demand with POS-driven forecasting

Empower your planners to adapt quickly to changing market and supply chain conditions, break down silos between teams and focus on maximizing business opportunities.

alloy demand forecasting
  • Build better, more detailed forecasts using POS and channel inventory data

    Build more accurate forecasts using harmonized, continually updated retail data that reflect demand shifts down to the retailer-SKU level.

  • React faster as a team when reality strays from plan

    With Alloy's Connected Planning & Execution platform, teams can plan and track performance versus plan in a single place, so they can make timely decisions that reduce unnecessary stockouts and minimize excess inventory costs.

  • Empower your planners to focus on what they do best

    Free planners from manual, low-value tasks with a data platform that automatically harmonizes and continually updates your retail POS, channel inventory and shipment data, and alerts you to specific areas that need more attention.

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Use Cases

Periodic planning

Work cross-functionally with internal business units to generate consensus plans

Continuous planning

Make adjustments before demand shifts show up in your order patterns

New product introductions

Easily forecast adoption curves based on comparison SKUs

Optimal inventory allocation

Closely track your warehouse inventory along with upcoming stock movements to ensure you have optimal inventory allocation

Why Alloy

Reduce guess work

Stop operating your business in the dark. By incorporating real-time consumer demand signals and up-to-date inventory status, you can make better-informed decisions faster. And predictive forecasting capabilities let you get ahead of potential issues before they cost your business.

Collaborate seamlessly

Break down the silos between your data and your teams. Build trust by aligning inventory planning, demand planning, sales, marketing, finance and operations teams around a single source of information, on a single intuitive platform.

Take action on what matters

Your plan will always diverge from your reality — the question is by how much? Alloy lets brands identify and resolve the exceptions that will make the biggest impact so they can focus attention and take on action on what matters most.

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Alloy Planning is a POS-driven forecasting and planning solution that helps consumer goods companies adapt quickly to market and supply chain changes.


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