POS-driven forecasting and demand planning

Alloy’s Planning application supports a comprehensive forecasting and demand planning process across every distribution channel and partner. Sitting on top of the Alloy Data Platform, users plan based on a foundation of pre-ingested, harmonized data and nine out-of-the-box forecast models. 

Unify demand planning across your retailers

Forecast and plan using integrated POS feeds and built-in forecast models, empowering your team to focus on driving your strategy instead of spending hours on manual tasks

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  • Plan at any granularity and have changes automatically propagate up and down

    Configure the Planning application to your business segments (e.g., Channel-Category, Retailer-SKU, etc.). Automatically integrate any changes into your overall demand plan.

  • Select from nine different out-of-the-box forecast models

    Alloy lets you pick from a selection of models, including ARIMA, Ensemble, BSTS and more. You can also choose to use internal and partner forecasts.

  • Control for common sources of forecast error

    Prevent inaccuracies caused by erratic retailer order patterns, black swan events, supply constraints, etc. More accurately forecast promotions by measuring historical sales lift from similar events and adding your expectations to the model.

  • Coordinate planning across your organization with versioning and revision history

    Maintaining alignment internally is a versioning nightmare when you’re relying on spreadsheets. Alloy helps you overcome this obstacle with visibility into changes and plan accuracy over time.


Alloy for
Demand Planning

Conduct strategic, integrated planning by converting POS demand into a single optimal shipment plan

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Alloy for
Supply Chain

Simulate inventory risk across your supply chain network to anticipate, diagnose and respond to critical issues

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Why Alloy

The central nervous system for sales, supply chain and planning

Break down the silos separating your teams. Alloy is a single source of truth for supply and demand, allowing all teams to speak the same language and collaborate more effectively.

Plan and execute based on true demand. By capturing demand in real-time at the point of sale, Alloy’s out-of-the-box connectors strengthen your sales, supply chain and planning processes.

Empower everyone to make data-driven decisions in real time. Alloy eliminates the guesswork and data wrangling, so you can plan better, execute better and build a better feedback loop between the two.

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