Drive retail customer relationships and more effectively meet end-consumer demand

Alloy is a visibility and collaboration platform that leverages artificial intelligence. We help our customers synchronize supply and demand with greater agility, efficiency, and effectiveness.

Here are some of the ways that top CPG, fashion, durables, and consumer electronics brands are using Alloy:

  • Increase revenue and recover lost sales by identifying and fixing out of stocks.
  • Find high growth products and locations, and focus your team’s efforts on the biggest opportunities. Conversely, identify which shelves are struggling and take action to prevent returns.
  • Use a fact-based selling approach to influence retail buyers and gain their trust.
  • Plan, monitor, and analyze the impact of promotions.

How Alloy Works

Alloy’s automated data integration platform collects data from your trading partners—including retailers (both ecommerce and brick-and-mortar), 3PLs, suppliers—and your own ERP. The data model then connects the dots between forecasts, true demand, inventory, and shipments. Our artificial intelligence engine proactively crawls your data. It looks for opportunities to better serve end-consumer demand and avoid customer service failures. Your team will interact with the information via purpose-built reports, analytics, and an artificial intelligence engine that brings insights directly to the people who can act on them.

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