Take control of your retail partnerships with real-time analytics

Alloy for Sales is a point-of-sale and inventory analytics solution for consumer goods companies. Our solution identifies sales opportunities and inventory risks in your retail network, giving your team shareable insights to drive action from your customers and achieve your sales goals.

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Use Command Center dashboards to see which SKUs, retailers or reps need your attention


Quantify the value of opportunities, the cost of risks and the impact of events like promotions or weather


Share insights that highlight value at stake, driving action from your buyers


Work with your partners to capture opportunities and mitigate risks

When we come to the table with data and information, it helps us build rapport and build credibility.
Nick Weaver
Nick Weaver CEO

Capture more sales by pinpointing opportunities and risks

Traditional reporting washes out details and surfaces market shifts after they happen. Alloy analyzes the most recent, granular data so that your team can proactively identify and respond to the highest priority areas of need.

Sales by Partner, Performance vs Forecast, Top Locations
  • Remove the hurdles between your team and the insights they need

    When your salespeople are equipped with the right insights, they focus on what matters and provide consistent value to your partners. Retail moves too fast for your reps to be stuck wrangling and analyzing data themselves or waiting on analysts.

  • Forge stronger partnerships than your competition

    Retail buyers prioritize brands that support their recommendations with data. Give your salespeople the cross-retailer insights they need to get attention, build trust and drive action from your customers.

  • Prevent lost sales and drive incremental revenue

    Chronic out-of-stocks and phantom inventory result in preventable revenue loss for every brand. Alloy detects and quantifies these problems in dollar terms, helping you persuade your partners of the right adjustments.

  • Cut bad investments and double down on what’s working

    You can't improve what you can't measure. Our solution makes it easy to test and measure sales lift from promotions, end-caps, events and more in real time.

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Executive sales

Always know which reps, categories and partners need attention

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Buyer insights
and line reviews

Consistently share valuable insights that drive action from your buyers

Dig into the details
& learn

Scientifically measure POS lift from promos, end-caps, events and more

Learn about Experiments

Identify and resolve lost sales and unproductive inventory issues

Monitor product launches

Why Alloy

The central nervous system for sales, supply chain and planning

Break down the silos separating your teams. Alloy is a single source of truth for supply and demand, allowing all teams to speak the same language and collaborate more effectively.

Plan and execute based on true demand. By capturing demand in real-time at the point of sale, Alloy’s out-of-the-box connectors strengthen your sales, supply chain and planning processes.

Empower everyone to make data-driven decisions in real time. Alloy eliminates the guesswork and data wrangling, so you can plan better, execute better and build a better feedback loop between the two.

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