Signature Products Group: Using real-time retail data to manage SKU proliferation

Date Posted: August 03, 2021
Signature Products Group

Signature Products Group (SPG) is an independent, full-service licensed product company specializing in design, development, manufacturing and distribution of some of the most prominent brands in the outdoor industry.

Competing for retail shelf space is more complicated today than it was 10 years ago. Learn how CEO Dusty Zundel and SPG are using Alloy to ensure the SKUs they put on the shelf perform better for retail partners and consumers.

"Alloy allows us to see data in real-time. It’s our eyes and our ears. It’s like turning the lights on."
-Dusty Zundel - CEO, Signature Products Group

SPG turned to Alloy to help ensure the SKUs they were putting on shelves perform better for their partners and consumers. “Nowadays, a retailer is really forced to rationalize the SKUs they’re putting on the shelf,” says Dusty Zundel, CEO of Signature Products Group. “Fighting and competing for that space is much more difficult today than it was 10 years ago.”

SPG quickly found that the automated, real-time retail data in Alloy was a game-changer. “Alloy allows us to see data in real-time. It’s our eyes and our ears. It’s like turning the lights on.

“We’ve actually built a whole team around Alloy,” Zundel says. “It’s become a real staple for our business, and it’s a very strategic, important piece of our go-to-market strategy.”

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