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A real-time control tower for supply chain teams

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Built for consumer goods companies, Alloy helps supply chain organizations avoid losing market share, improve service levels, reduce working capital and mitigate waste.



Improve plans week-to-week based on supply chain disruptions or forecast inaccuracies



When inventory levels are too high or too low, take the right actions to minimize service disruptions while keeping capital costs low

Customer Supply Chain

Customer Supply Chain

Work together with your distribution partners to effectively deploy your inventory where consumers want to buy it



Collaborate with distribution partners and supply chain to grow revenue and avoid inventory inefficiencies



Use visibility into supply chain health across your network to manage by exception

Start responding to risks and opportunities in time

  • Identify and prioritize the most impactful risks and opportunities earlier when the situation is less costly and easier to control
  • Stop making blind decisions and relying on incomplete information
  • Drive accountability across your organization with a single source of truth for POS, inventory, orders, shipments, forecasts and plans


Streamline decisions across teams

  • Align everyone around a shared understanding of problems
  • Make better decisions with a unified and current picture of supply and demand across your network
  • Reduce the hours of phone calls, meetings and emails typically required to create shared understanding

Close the gaps between your systems

  • Unify data from retailer portals, EDI feeds, ERPs, planning tools, OMSs, emails, spreadsheets and more
  • Empower everyone to understand how their decisions influence the bigger picture by automatically mapping and translating data from across supply chain tiers
  • Free your teams from the hours of tedious digging it takes to get the answers they need every day


Achieve the agility you need to navigate disruptions

  • Adjust plans regularly and make sure you’re not overproducing or allocating inventory to places where it won’t sell quickly enough
  • Better anticipate inventory needs across your network so you won’t have to carry as much safety stock
  • Avoid lost sales due to out-of-stocks or phantom inventory
  • Gain your customers' trust and provide recommendations on orders by mapping your demand signal (POS & retailer inventory) to your operations

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