Point of Sale Trends

Get rapid visibility to your cross-channel POS performance

Point of Sales trends dashboard in Alloy.ai
Configurable Point of Sale Trends workflow in Alloy.ai
templatized Point of Sale Trends dashboard showcasing your business's key cross-channel POS metrics

Gain a granular understanding of your omnichannel POS sales trends and highlight changes since the last reporting period. Compare performance across retailers and time horizons to answer complex questions

High-level visibility into your brand performance will help you answer ad hoc and routine sales questions and quickly filter to the items contributing most to fluctuations in sales trends

Easily configurable dashboard to suit your unique business needs – set up alerts and address questions that would have taken hours to address with manual computation

Deep dive into an industry best-practice guided workflow to discover areas of demand fluctuation and begin addressing root causes

Questions you can answer with Point of Sale Trends in Alloy.ai

Bosch’s sales strategy with POS data

Explore Bosch’s best practices for building a successful sales strategy with POS data — gathered from across ecommerce and retail customers. 

Matthew Bergum, Director of the Power Tools division
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