What you can learn from a digital-first DTC brand: quip’s omnichannel evolution

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quip, a direct-to-consumer dental care brand, is founded on transparency: from their gimmick-free product design all the way through their supply chain.

By selling online and cutting out the middleman, quip grew market share through real-time data on sales, subscriptions, site engagement and SKU trends. But like many DTC brands, rising customer acquisition costs online prompted them to launch their products in brick-and-mortar retail. They risked losing the direct connection to consumers and the supply chain visibility they had relied on to dominate in DTC — but succeeded because of a data-driven approach powered by Alloy, that allowed them to push into thousands of retail stores like Target and Walmart.

Join Imran Patel, VP of Business Development & Partnerships at quip, and hosts Scott Luton and Greg White of Supply Chain Now to learn:

  • How quip scaled up into big box retail while retaining its DTC roots
  • Strategies that retail-first brands can take from quip’s omnichannel evolution
  • How quip’s data-driven DNA and nimble org structure helped maintain transparency collaboration and alignment between marketing, sales and supply chain teams

Hear it straight from Imran — watch the full webinar below.

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