Valvoline transforms customer relationships with POS-based Demand Data

Key webinar takeaways

Valvoline, a market leader in motor oil, navigated a slick challenge— limited downstream visibility meant it was hard to know what was happening at the point-of-sale. Caught off guard by unplanned orders, they often dealt with out-of-stocks and service level issues that hurt their customer and consumer relationships.

Eric Rossi, Senior Director of Supply Chain at Valvoline, worked with Alloy to find clarity in their complex, multi-tier supply chain that includes third-party distributors, big box stores and their own service centers. He sat down to share how it helps them drive interactive conversations with customers and distributors to avoid lost sales, OTIF fines and unproductive inventory.

If you don’t have time to watch the full webinar, here’s a five-minute recap.

About the speakers

Eric Rossi
Sr. Director of Supply Chain

Eric started working for Valvoline in 1997 in Operations. Since then, he has held a variety of leadership roles, including managing in several lubricant and chemical plants and warehouses and managing Supply Chain groups responsible for Supply Chain Planning, Customer Service, Logistics, Master Data and E-commerce.

Eric holds an MBA from Georgia State University and a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Clemson University.

Logan Ensign
VP Client Solutions

Logan is an expert in predictive analytics. At Alloy, he leads the team that works closely with customers to help them maximize value from the platform. They are focused on ensuring fast implementation, delivering trainings, sharing best practices and conducting regular business reviews.

He joined Alloy from, where he led the company’s highest end service, Momentum PRIME. For customers who wanted to use predictive analytics to transform their sales operations, his team formed long-term relationships focused on optimizing sales process and strategy and ultimately delivering and showcasing value.

Logan’s early career was at RIC Insurance General Agency, where he worked in Corporate Strategy and Sales. He holds a degree in Biology and minor in Economics from Stanford University.

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