What worked for Valvoline: Turning a complex multi-tier supply chain into a well-oiled machine

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Valvoline, a market leader in motor oil, navigated a slick challenge—finding clarity in a complex, multi-tier supply chain that includes third-party distributors, big box stores and their own service centers. Limited downstream visibility meant it was hard to know what was happening at the point-of-sale; caught off guard by unplanned orders, they often dealt with out-of-stocks and service level issues that hurt their customer and consumer relationships.  

They needed an execution tool — in addition to a planning tool — that would help them manage the next few weeks based on real-time inventory and POS data, instead of relying on months-old plans. Hear Eric Rossi, Senior Director of Supply Chain at Valvoline, share how his team avoids out-of-stocks, OTIF fines and lags in customer service, even amidst the unpredictability of the pandemic. 

Watch now to hear from Eric Rossi, Sr. Director of Supply Chain, on how Valvoline:

  • Untangled a multi-tier network to show, in real time, what’s really happening from production & warehouses to point of sale
  • Recouped millions of dollars by filling orders that, without end-to-end visibility, would’ve been left unfulfilled 
  • Now relies on predictive analytics to simulate future inventory, enabling them to get ahead of potential issues instead of putting out fires

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