5 Top resources for launching products into new retail stores

For consumer goods brands, launching into new stores provides major opportunities, but also comes with major risks. What do you do when demand doesn’t match your forecast? How do you identify and quickly respond to out-of-stocks and phantom inventory?

We’ve gathered some of our most popular articles and videos, so you can chart your path forward. We’ve even included a few examples of customers that we’ve helped successfully launch into new doors.

1. Learn from two beauty & wellness brands seeing major success in retail

How Youth To The People empowers field sales & upgrades inventory execution & planning
Since Youth to the People was founded in 2015, the company’s marriage of science and superfoods has driven rapid sales and distribution growth. Today the brand is now available at over 500 retail locations in the U.S. and Europe, as well as Amazon and its own e-commerce website. Learn how YTTP is using Alloy for a comprehensive view of sell-through and on-hand inventory at all their customers’ stores, and their own direct e-commerce channel.

How Native partnered with Alloy to unlock Target retail data & grow sales (Consumer Goods Technology)
Personal care brand Native had a data problem. The brand, which started as a successful DTC before being acquired by Proctor & Gamble, began expanding into Target in 2018, and knew it needed help navigating the completely different animal of selling wholesale vs. DTC. Learn how Native is using Alloy to gain more visibility and efficiency, drawn by the platform’s intuitiveness and ease of use.

2. Rise above your silos during launches and other business-critical events

This article will walk you through the process of forecasting and preparing for business-critical events like product launches and launching / expanding into new retailers and stores. Learn concrete steps to target the most common sources of planning and execution errors, ensuring your peak consumer demand turns into dollars.

3. Video overview: New item launches in Alloy

See a quick overview of how you can get insights from real-time retail data in Alloy to identify, prioritize and resolve execution issues around new product launches. Learn how you can see how inventory is building within the channel and the product adoption curve; drill into execution problems at the store level; identify which stores should be immediately replenished; and more.


4. Seven steps to identify and prevent lost sales

Retail analytics can ensure the right product is on the shelf when and where a shopper wants it, so you never miss out on a sale due to out-of-stocks. We’ll walk you through a quick overview of how to identify OOS or phantom inventory, quantify losses, determine the root cause, and work with your retail partners to fix the issue.

5. Five tips for building collaborative relationships with your retail partners

Five tips for consumer goods brands to make their data-driven insights and recommendations stand out to retailers and become a trusted partner. In this article we share real strategies that work for sharing data-driven insights with retailers and driving them to action.

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