Executive Command Center

Always know which reps, categories and partners need attention

Analyze performance across your entire business and quickly diagnose risks and opportunities, so you can drive alignment and accountability with your team and internal partners

  • Monitor the breakdown of sales across retailers, channels and regions
  • Identify product leaders and laggards
  • Prioritize issues based on your KPIs and bring them to the attention of your account teams
  • Flag stores and DCs with chronic out-of-stock issues to resolve problems at the retailer level

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Alloy Experiments demo

Brands spend millions of dollars on marketing every year, but often have trouble understanding which investments are paying off. Now you can easily run experiments...


Monitoring new product introductions with Alloy

Identify, prioritize and resolve execution issues during key events like product launches, getting ahead of problems that could artificially depress sales.


Purpose-built for consumer goods brands