Alloy Intelligence Demo Video

Alloy Intelligence is a POS and inventory analytics solution that serves as an early warning system to consumer goods companies, giving teams a single source of information to make the right joint decisions to reduce stockouts and excess inventory costs.

This 10-min demo video explores some of the key ways consumer brands are using Alloy Intelligence today, including: Out-of-stock detection, new product launches, preventing phantom inventory, measuring marketing promotions, and geographic analysis.

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The omnichannel brand’s ultimate guide to success in retail

Whether you're launching into new stores or new doors, this guide is the digital-savvy and direct-to-consumer brand's playbook for success in their retail channels.

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4 Secrets to Bosch’s Success in Retail and Ecommerce

Four takeaways from Alloy's recent webinar with Matthew Bergum, Director of Power Tools at Bosch Canada, detailing how he drives a more efficient team through...

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Guide to building strong partnerships with retailers

In this guide, we share how supplier sales teams can use the POS and inventory data retailers provide to build trust and grow the business.

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